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Our Services

William as a puppy sitting in front of an unwanted bowl of kibble dog food
Nutrition Help
Chestnut Arabian horse head and Wendie lady therapist
Body Work for Animals

Click on any of the images to find out more about each service and read some commonly asked questions

before booking.

writing notes, assessing clients information, filing, getting history of an animal.
older bully breed dog getthing light therapy on leg, LED light torches of different frequencies to target different depths of the body.
Light Therapy
Standard Poodle in full show coat, long cream hair and top knot .
Skin & Coat Advice
Horse with Hestaband lymph tape applied on shoulder to aid with lymphatic drainage. Pic courtesy of Hestaband & Christa Vienotte Canada
Equine Kinesiology Taping 

We love sharing our knowledge and passion to help other animal owners and carers learn about what they can do to help maintain a happy, healthy animal so please reach out if you are putting on an event, need a speaker, doing a fundraiser where we can come and impart some knowledge.

Private groups and educational events are always available to be booked too.

Just contact us.

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