Trimming the Fur


“I couldn't be any happier with Wendie, and the fabulous service she provides!” 


She is helping me with my 7 year old Chinese Crested that has lost her ability to walk. She had severely inflamed joints, loss of energy, and appeared depressed. We had been to two vets, and several diagnostic tests and medications with no diagnosis. And nothing improved her symptoms. We were losing ground by the week.
Wendie has completely reduced her inflammation. No redness, swelling or heat in her joints. My girl has more energy, and her joy is back. We are now working on getting her strength built back up to walk.
Wendie has absolutely given my dog a chance that she would not have had otherwise. Wendie has come up with solutions that work. I absolutely love the products she recommends, and they are effective! Thank you, Wendie, for giving Miss Bianca back her life. I will forever be grateful to you!

- Jennifer Lerette

Mesa AZ



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