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“I can’t thank you enough for providing a product that helps to maintain his quality of life  ” 


He has always has had hips, but he’s slowed down with age. I have already started to notice some small differences with him being on the oil, I have had him on a few different joint supplements but nothing like this smart oil. He went for a 4km walk with his younger brothers and while he isn’t as fast as them he made it the whole way with no stiffness at all afterwards , he is also back to enjoying a few minutes of doing his favourite thing, chasing his ball!

While I can’t stop him from getting older , I can’t thank you enough for providing a product that helps to maintain his quality of life and I can’t explain how happy it makes me to see him still able to enjoy walks and outside time as it makes him so incredibly happy and that’s all I want for my boys.

Thank you again!

- Melissa Bahri


Dog Friends

A wealth of information and caring. The only like it that I know of!

Darla Preeper

This Canadian company cares! They show it by offering safe, quality products and offering exceptional customer service.

Becki Selby

Dog Portrait

Wendie is very knowledgeable and shipping was very fast. Highly recommend

Shelley Duxbury

Dog Lover

Best service and never any problems, even get delivered to Iceland!

Asta Maria Karlsdottir

Cat With Blue Eyes

Your Clever Cream is amazing on my cat scratches!!! They are definitely healing quicker and with no redness

Kim Howie

Dog Lover

My Golden just finished her first bottle of Smart Oil, and we love this product!! Lucy is more mobile,
alert and playful these days.

Heather Chipman

Sleeping Dogs

In all my years (fourty) of everything dogs ....... never have I experienced such a fantastic line of shampoo and conditioners ... well done.

Dan Dionne

Boy with Dog

The Smart Oil has far far out performed anything I could have hoped for

Becki Selby

Dog by the Beach

Very helpful and speedy service.. and amazing products!!!

Raelene Clannon

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