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Real Tissue Salts

Two time Nobel Prize winner, Dr Linus Pauling, claimed that most diseases and illnesses can be attributed to a mineral deficiency. Based on this theory and the now known fact that our own food is up to 95% mineral deficient, as farming practices have radically changed, traditional methods have been replaced by intensive high yield, chemical based techniques. Tissue salts replace lost minerals vital for all over good health and well being.


Quantum Touch

Quantum-Touch powerfully focuses life-force energy with concentration, body awareness, and breath. This can also be a wonderful complementary service to combine with the use of tissue salts or just for a wonderfully relaxing and balancing mind and body experience.


Auriculotherapy is a technique of using points on the skin of the auricle (external ear) to diagnose and treat pain and medical conditions of the body. Also referred to as Auricular Medicine, practitioners all over the world use this therapy to treat pain, addictions and internal disorders with excellent results. Whether used in conjunction with another treatment or by itself, auriculotherapy is often effective when other treatments have failed. Best of all, it is safe, non-invasive and has no known side effects.

Large and Small Animal Energy Work

From an energy scan to a full Quantum Touch session, we let our four legged clients tell us where they need help and what they will let us help them with. From assessing basic body language and posture, we are able to tell where the animal is feeling pain or discomfort. We will happily work with your vets' recommendations and protocols too.


Canine Skin & Coat analysis & maintenance protocols.

Itchy, smelly dog? As a certified pet Skin and Coat expert we are able to provide many solutions after many pet owners thought they had been exhausted. From flea bite dermatitis, black skin or just the occasional hot spot, we can help using safer, gentler products.

Remote Testing.             

During COVID restrictions and for our clients farther afield, Wendie can now offer remote testing and help identify issues. This is done via FaceTime, SKYPE or ZOOM - contact us for details and to book an appointment. We identify nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, allergies/sensitivities, toxin/pesticide/heavy metal and parasitic presences and energy imbalances.

Photobiomodulation & Photonic Light Therapy.

As of July 2021, Wendie is excited to announce that she is now a Certified Light Therapist for humans, pets and horses.

As we are all light beings, our bodies absorb energy as light which has been studied for decades and is proven to improve circulation, reduce pain and speed cellular activity. The results we are seeing even through the courses from Photonic Light Therapy Institute are incredible and although we can only offer this service in person (privately or organized clinics and workshops), we highly recommend anyone to look into the value of owning their own lights, or indeed doing a course too. 

Energy healing through Quantum Touch
Mineral Tissue Salts on rocks.
Auriculotherapy helps many issues.
Dog hair after bathing under the microscope showing melanin and closed cuticles
Skin and coat treatments for dogs with problem skin, Warm towel wrap and essential oils for dogs.
Simple bonds and energy healing, equine therapy between horse and human.
Reatailers group 2021.jpg
Mother and daughter having virtual consultation online using computer
Cat sleeping while undergoing photobiomodulation and photonic light therapy
Dog undergoing Photobiomodulation and  Photonic Light Therapy
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