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Whoever or whatever we are working with, our main philosophy is always "do no harm". We are non-invasive and will never advise you to partake in anything without first obtaining your regular Vet or Doctor's consent.

About us:

From a lifelong passion for animals and more recently a revelation in her own health, Wendie has committed herself to sharing her energy, skills, knowledge and experiences to give everyone, two and four legged, a better and alternative solution to feeling and being better.

Wendie offers help with nutrition, energy healing through Quantum Touch and Animal Reiki. Real Tissue Salts (functional nutrition) and testing for deficiencies, allergies, Lyme, parasites and more through health kinesiology. Wendie is also Board Certified through BANHS as a Universally Certified Light Therapist for pets, people and equines.

Although now solely focused on animals, Wendie empowers her clients humans by teaching them simple muscle testing techniques and is planning more workshops in the future.

Appointments are available in person (pre May 2024 in Canada - post June 2024 in Northern Ireland) or remotely across the world.


PLEASE NOTE: Tissue Salts are only available through private consultation as per Health Canada guidelines.

Aromatherapy essential oils can be used to help heal, clean and soothe,
Wendie Patrick.
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