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10% of sales from our Health products go toward supporting animal rescues.

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SMART Oil - Canada's answer to CBD for pets!

SMART Oil is a synergistic blend of Mother Nature's Ingredients, carefully balanced to superboost each ingredients existing qualities and may help; respiratory issues, skin and coat, immunity, mood, anxiety, seizures, pain, inflammation, digestive issues, Lyme disease, oral health, appetite, respiratory issues.


Smart Oil's cousin, Clever Cream is a luxurious cream base with Smart Oil added. This can be used topically where there are any skin issues, scratches, old scars, swelling, arthritis, bug bites, wounds, even works excellently on "rain rot" in horses.


The third in the trifecta of the SMART oil family, Brilliant balm takes a traditional balm recipe and boosted it by adding Smart Oil. It can help with sore and chapped paw pads and noses and help protest in the ice and snow or hot pavement.

Finnessiam Colloidal Silver Spray for dogs, cats, and horses. Approved as a veterinary health product NN.R4M8
#1 Colloidal Silver

A mild and gentle colloidal silver spray for use directly on any troubled areas, scratches, bug bites, burns, irritations, skin infections etc etc. Spray around litter boxes to neutralize odour. Spray on grooming equipment to clean. So many uses, you'll come up with more each day!

Introducing our new grooming products.

Finnessiam SCENTsitive, scent free, dye free, paraben free, SLS free pet grooming products.
Finnessiam Leave In Conditioner Detangling Spray
SCENTsitive Pet Shampoo

Scents can be too much for some and a cause of sensitivites for many people and pets. We formulated one (that works) without scents, dyes, parabens, SLS, phthalates, silicones, MEA or DEA. A soothing formula with our Colloidal Silver & Aloe Vera, cleans without drying out the coat and leaves the hair soft and shiny. Many of our 2-legged clients use this themselves! Also formulated to work well on either well or city water.

SCENTsitive Ear Cleaner

An alcohol free solution of colloidal silver and witch hazel, gently cleans without upsetting the natural microbiome of the inner ear. Maintains a healthy ear canal and keeps bacteria at bay. For regular maintenance & suitable for dogs and cats.

SCENTsitive Leave In Conditioner & Detangler

A lightweight, non-sticky spray, gentle enough to be used daily. Re-nourishes dry skin while providing lubricity, helping to remove tangles & reduce frizz. Helps seal the hair cuticle and restores the hair's natural structure, leaving a soft, shiny finish while strengthening hair, improving elasticity and preventing breakage.

Use anytime, pre-bathing to remove matts and tangles, after the bath before drying to seal the hair cuticle and encourage release of dead hair and undercoat or in between grooms to keep the skin supple, prevent breakage when brushing & combing and remove tangles.

Contains our ever popular Colloidal Silver which may help soothe itchy skin and deal with any skin irritations. Also Camellia Seed Oil which creates softness and suppleness while reducing frizz.

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Who/what is Dogs of Pride? That's the home for everything and the inspiration for Finnessiam as the three dogs in the logo are Finn, Jesse and William - together = FINNESSIAM!


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As per Health Canada/FDA Regulations, these products are not drugs and are not intended to treat, prevent or cure any illness nor disease. Adding any product to an animals' health care regime should always be verified by a veterinarian. Products are not recommended for pregnant/lactating animals or animals used for food.

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