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Price List - U.K. & Ireland

Please see all descriptions and information by clicking each picture on the services page to help choose the correct selection for your situation.

Single Assessment:                                                                                 £90.00

In Person or Remote - 60 mins

Nutritional Help:                                                                                                  £90.00

​In Person or Remote - 60 mins

Animal Body Work:                                                                                  £45.00

In person - 60 mins

Remote - 45 mins                                                                                                     £30.00 

Light Therapy:                                                                                         £45.00

In Person - 60 mins

Remote - 30 mins                                                                                                     £20.00

Equine Kinesiology Taping:                                                                      £50.00

In Person  - 60 mins

Full Package:                                                                                         £160.00

(includes assessment, body work, light therapy

and post appointment write up)

In Person - up to 2 hours

Taping if required - in person only at same time as main appointment.                    £35.00

Full Remote Package                                                                                             £125.00

Travel Fee:

Applies to appointments in person over 10 miles                                                  40p/mile

To book in Ireland or UK:
07836 583947 or

Appointments remotely in Canada and U.S.A. are based on the Full Assessment Price and may be booked via our Dogs of Pride site - click HERE and you will be redirected.

All charges must be paid for at time of appointment.

May we also politely remind you of our cancellation policy: Cancellations less than 24hours = 50% appointment fee charge. On the day cancellations/no shows = 100% appointment fee charge. A viable credit card must be presented at time of booking in case these issues arise. Failure to pay or show is loss of wages on our part and no future booking will be offered.

Prices are not subject to V.A.T.

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