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Assessments - Available in person or remotely

The start of any consultation, remote appointment or in person visit is an assessment.

If booking an extensive consultation we may send you some questionnaires ahead of time, we ask for these to be filled in completely as otherwise you will lose a lot of your time by filling in the blanks! The more information you can share is valuable to what we do as we can start to form a picture before we even meet with the animal(s) and therefore make our time together more valuable and efficient.

Even for smaller appointments using just one or two of our services, the more information we have either beforehand, the better.

What if I don't know what's wrong before I bring you in for a light session for example?

That's fine, we'll figure it out once we meet your animal and do our own hands on assessment for those we see in person. All our body work, light therapy and kinesiology appointments that are done in person start with a hands on assessment. More of this is explained right in front of you and you get to witness what we do. This also gives you a better understanding of what we look for and how we work.

Can I take notes during the appointment?

Absolutely, in fact, we encourage it, although it's not always easy to do if you're holding your horse for example. We also take a lot of notes and we can put together a summary of our appointment at the end of our time. If we are suggesting a strict protocol, we will always write up the information for you, keeping a copy for your file so we can always compare notes if you have questions. We don't want any appointment to be fruitless so we try and make it all comprehensive to help you succeed in helping your animal(s).

Can I just book an assessment?

Of course! We understand that a lot of what we do is new to many and you may be a little apprehensive at the start. You may have had a bad experience before or don't trust that what we do has any merit. That's ok, we've been there too! This is why we are more than happy to offer an initial 15 min complimentary phone consult before you commit to spending any money with us. If, after this time, we have put your mind at ease, we can either continue a paid assessment or book a visit.

What's the price for an assessment on it's own?

For single assessments we charge £60 per hour or part thereof, plus travel if meeting in person.

So, what will I get for that (just an assessment)?

We will meet you and your animal and discuss the situation and what you are looking for and thinking about. We will do a brief assessment of your animal, if you wish, and decide on a game plan and what steps we would suggest you consider. You may then book other visits or remote appointments, depending on where you are and what is suggested. You are in no way obligated to follow any suggestions or go any further with us and if we determine that you would be best suited to a different approach or should be seeking further veterinary advice, we will also advise on this route. We do not diagnose or offer treatment for any illness nor claim to cure any illness or disease.

Taking lots of notes during our appointments
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