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Skin & Coat Advice - Available in person or remotely.

Did you know that Wendie was a retired Certified Master Groomer? She also has taught grooming in her own school, has hand stripping videos on her YouTube Channel (Dogsofpride), with thousands of views and is a certified Skin & Coat expert? Wendie also used to be a Certifier for I.P.G. (International Professional Groomers) and was also a senior certifier for the C.C.P.S. (Canadian Certified Pet Stylists).

So... now you understand how this little modality can be offered!

What goes in, must come out and many times things that can be seen in the skin and coat can be indications of underlying health issues. Patchy hair loss can be attributed to some things, most commonly a double coat that's been clipped too short but this can also be a sign of hypothyrodism (you vet can confirm or reject this with their testing). 

We can tell the difference from damaged hair, to clipped hair, from pulled (stripped) hair to cut hair! We can tell if you've been brushing and if you've been using the correct tools and products and we can also tell if you've been rinsing enough or causing the irritation to the skin yourself...

From "schnauzer bumps" to breaking hair, we've got you!

If you are growing a coat for show and this pup has a different coat from that pup (yes, yes, we know, they're from the same litter) we can advise you how to tackle the coat so they both look equally presentable in the show ring.

From pet owners to show handlers we can help get to the root of it all! (See what we did there?)

Choosing this option is billed solely on time as we can either quickly show you tools you need or you can book us for more indepth workshops, coaching, seminars or even judging grooming competitions.

For a custom plan or to book us for an event, please email Wendie directly at;

Elizabeth, Standard Poodle growing Show Coat at 9 months old.
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