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​Nutritional Help - available in person and remotely.

Knowing what to feed your pet can sometimes be challenging.

We know many animals have led long happy lives on the "worst" food imaginable, yet what is that and what do we do with those sensitive ones that seem to break out at the drop of a hat?

Itchy, inflamed skin, loose bowels, vomiting etc. should always be checked by your vet but when you want to go the extra mile and find out EXACTLY what is upsetting that tummy, you've come to the right place.

Through working with you (and your vet if they've sent you to us), we will work through all the possible scenarios and draw up a game plan (which might not include game), to help your animal and you, get some much needed balance in their diets.

What does an appointment look like?

During an appointment we will get you to look at EVERYTHING you are feeding your pet and through applied kinesiology, either in person or remotely, address and hopefully identify the culprit ingredients or items that could be upsetting their system.

We are not "for" or "against" any particular type of food, but rather identify what your pet will thrive on, whether it be raw, home cooked or, dare we say it, kibble! We appreciate that everyone may have certain limitations as to what they can do so we work within those options also. We don't sell an array of supplements but can and will suggest certain items if they are suitable.

Each case is unique, just as you are, and therefore there is no one size fits all and seldom an easy answer, so we cannot possibly answer random questions without doing a full appointment.

During our appointment we love to empower you too and will teach you simple applied kinesiology methods which you can practice and learn in order to help make the best decisions for your animal. This is also cost effective as many like to take the reins (pun intended) and move forward with their new found skill and help themselves as well as their animals maintain a better diet and lifestyle!

Don't worry though, we also have many clients who schedule regular appointments to make sure they are still on the right track if they can't master the techniques themselves, we're here for your animal with whatever route you decide to take.

How long will it take?

The Appointment time is allocated at a an hour and overtime is charged accordingly.

If you are asking how long it will take to see a difference - that all depends on the situation and how long the issues have presented so the answer to that is always, "How long is a piece of string?" Like we say, every situation is unique.

Do you only look at diet?

Not necessarily. If, during our appointment, we are able to rule out the issues being linked to the diet, we will certainly investigate the environment. From scented candles/sprays to laundry detergent and maybe even the new sofa (yes, lots of fabric, furnishings and floor coverings give off a lot of irritants due to fire retardant additives etc. and V.O.C.'s (volatile organic compounds). We try and look at everything within the time we have.

So is this just about diet and environment?

Kind of! BUT... within that spectrum of just those things, we try to find the root cause of any issues. We'll investigate the presence of parasites, look for nutritional deficiencies (as it might not be what your animal is getting, but what they're NOT getting), toxic burdens like heavy metal toxicities and also check to see if the animal is getting too many immune boosters (and your vet has pre-diagnosed an autoimmune condition). We'll also be checking the biofrequncies of all organs and make sure they are working optimally in order to assimilate nutrients correctly. We do a lot!

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