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Light Therapy - Available in person and remotely

Light therapy, photobiomodulation, cold laser, photonic acupuncture, whatever you know it as, that's what we do! Our torches and pads are comprised of LED, NOT laser so we can do no harm. Please be aware that unless you are working with a qualified acupuncturist, please avoid anyone who uses laser tools as they can do a lot of harm in the wrong hands.

We use a combination of pads and torches and have torches in blue, green, amber, red and infra red. Our pads are a combination of red and infra red. All are proven to distribute the proper nanometer (nm) wavelength for various therapeutic applications. The various wavelengths can penetrate different depths with infra red going as deep as bone. Light therapy has been shown to reduce pain, stimulate cellular repair, increase circulation and activate acupoints.

With light therapy becoming popular there are many tools available on the market but beware, many of these do not have the correct output to be of any benefit. All of ours do and prove that again with the results we have seen. That's the nice thing about working with animals in that they can't lie and don't follow trends or fancy marketing gimmicks, so again, we can't make this up!

Do the torches heat up that they could hurt my animal?

No. After prolonged use we will feel the torches sometimes getting warmer but any heat that the animal feels (we show you during a session if we feel the heat on the body) will be due to increased blood flow to an area where the natural flow or energy is "stuck" and therefore needs more help in that area. You can liken it to hitting against something solid and friction will create the heat. The area will cool as the area releases and the body comes back into balance, though this may take several sessions.

Can you do too much light?

You can always have too much of a good thing! The way we run a session is to establish, through an assessment, what level of difficulty the animal may be in. We do this through asking you to walk and pehaps jog the animal toward us and away from us.Then we do a full body scan (a bit of body work, if you like) and then look at a few options and areas to focus on. The important part is that we always start with opening the drainage channels and activating lymph points. If we did give too much light without doing this important step we could cause other issues as it would be like shaking up a pop bottle and not taking the lid off. As every animal is unique, we design every session on an individual basis so as not to overdo it. We also take note of how the animal is acting as they will tell us when they've had enough.

How long is a light therapy appointment?

We usually allow for an hour but can sometimes be done much sooner. On average it is about 10-20 minutes for the assessment on a dog or cat and up to a half hour on a horse. Doing a series of points and then specific areas will use up the remainder of our time. We only have to activate acupoints for 15-30 seconds per side and unless the animal doesn't allow, we work bilaterally.

Papillon dog with broken leg in cast lying on light therapy pad with red and infra red LED lights

This little cutie got up to mischief, thinking she could fly and broke her leg in a few places. We worked alongside the vet and they were amazed by how fast and how well she recovered. You can see how comfortable she is lying on the light pad, we let her do this along with targeting a few key acupoints too.

Dimitri having a session of photonic acupuncture

Dimitri enjoys having targeted acupoints activated as with such short legs, he sometimes has a little extra inflammation between his shoulder blades. The red light is the most effective in this situation and the area can often feel very warm to the touch after a session.

Sealyham Terrier getting acupoints activated with red light torch
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