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Body Work For Animals - Available in person and remotely

We've used the heading of "Body Work" though what we actually do is much gentler.


As we do a wide range of energy work, massage, fascial releases, reiki, quantum touch and mild that together with other learned techniques through the years, we put it all under the heading of body work as it is a more widely used term and more generally understood.

How can you do body work remotely - isn't it hands on?

As mentioned, we use "Body Work" as the heading but as we also practice remote kinesiology and energy work we can still test the body from a distance. It may sound "woo woo" but all you need to do is experience it once as we work on one end of the screen and the animal still moves or releases in response to energy moving.


We are all connected, that's the Quantum we like to talk about in our You Tube Videos and once you realise that and can see that everything is energy and connected it is quite enlightening and very interesting to watch. It's always interesting to us too as when we are questioning the animal, they can sometimes tell us all sorts so you may get some extras thrown in!

Yes we do animal communication too. It can't be avoided as that's essentially what we are doing when testing remotely - we never set out to do this but some animals through the years have helped us realise we can actually do this and it sounds as crazy to us as it does to some of you reading this, but we seriously can't make this up! Our animals know more than we give them credit for sometimes!

What does an in person session involve?

We start with our usual assessment with you in the area with your pet or horse. Then asking you to stay at the head holding on a leash or lead line we will ask you to watch for signs that the animal is having some pain or tightness in an area (we'll tell you what to look for). As we identify those areas that might need attention, we might "hang out" there until we see a release of tension or mark it and return there later after the head to tail scan is completed.

Once we've done our initial going over, we will look at the whole picture, then using the same meridians and points as an acupuncturist, we will target those areas with our hands and slowly work through the areas. We complete the session with a re-scan to see if the issues have lessened. 

Is this just a one time thing?

Very rarely is this a one shot deal but many just do these sessions as a bit of a treat or as an introduction to our hands on offerings. We usually suggest to couple this with a light session too as if we find a little tight area/muscle/knot, adding the light to the area can help it release much faster. As long as you are comfortable with it, we will do it if we have time during the scheduled meeting. After our first appointment we can design a maintenance protocol for you. Body work and/or light therapy is invaluable any time you can arrange a session for your animal.

Watch Wendie as she shows how easily it is to get a response from her horse. She identified a little trouble area so just allowed energy to flow and helped to relieve some tension, which is displayed in both her and the horse yawning!

As you can see, this was a totally unplanned session as Zaffy is filthy! We don't always get a chance to set things up and make them pretty, we just help animals and get on with it!

Standard poodle on table yawning, Wendie Patrick, Energy Release

One of the first dogs, Wendie worked on, hence the blurred picture! Here Vienna was giving us lots of releases through yawns and she was walking better after.

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