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Equine Kinesiology Taping - Available in person only

Just as any athlete, horses sometimes need some help too.

But kinesiology taping isn't just for athletes. We can tape a new foal to help support joints if there are difficulties; or any horse to be more stabilised during transport. Sometimes our golden oldies or youngsters just get into something, slip in mud... oh, we don't need to elaborate here, especially if you have a horse, you know what they can get up to sometimes, whether we believe it or not!

Even if your horse is a golden child, they may have to go through an operation or get a kick from a rambunctious pasture mate - yes, we can the scar tissue too.

Basically most things can be taped for (some we will ask for your vets' approval first though to rule out infections or underlying issues) and it can help to prolong the effect of a session after we've left your barn.

How does it prolong a session?

If we've just been out to see your horse and know that they could benefit from a few more sessions but it's not realistic to see them every day, after body work and/or lights, we may suggest taping an area to continue the stretch, support or lymph drainage for a few days up to a week after we leave.(If booking a full package, this can be included; if booking another service, this can be added for an extra charge to cover time and product used).

How long will the tape stay on?

That's another one of those "how long is a piece of string" questions! With us being the retailer for Hestaband, which has superior adhesion qualities, sometimes it will stay up to a week or more, though we don't generally want it to stay longer than that for various reasons. However a pasture mate may decide the fun thing to do is to groom it off your horse long before that! You may also see the horse themselves "shed" it off as in, once the body has taken the benefit and no longer needs it, the body will actually release the tape.

My horse has a thick coat in winter, can I still tape?

Yes, you can! As long as the hair is free from heavy grooming products and you give them a good brush out beforehand, the Hestaband Kinesiology Tape can actually adhere quite well. We've also seen this result in wonderful fascia stretching where needed along the length of the tape in some cases (see pic below).

I've heard there are different types of tape with the Hestaband, can you explain these and why do you need them?

Christa Vienotte, creator of Hestaband designed three very specific tapes so they can have the best effect for each individual application. There is the original Cotton, available in two widths. This tape has good elastic properties and requires less stretch to apply due to it's natural recoil. It is designed for muscle, fascial and circulatory applications. It is also a wonderful choice for individuals just learning to tape. Then there is the Satin; this tape is designed for more advanced applications. It has much less stretch with the strongest adhesive available and is suitable for biomechanics and joint stability tapings. This tape is also 70% waterproof. Thirdly, the Lymph tape combines the elasticity of Cotton with the strong adhesives of the Satin tape. With special features, this tape creates a vacuum effect to quickly evacuate fluid and improve circulation.

Can I buy tape from you and learn to do it myself?

Yes and yes! In fact, as we are certified by Christa herself, we can offer a basics taping course. You may buy rolls of tape through me in person at appointments, at events or indeed at a class. Smaller orders for our remote clients are often more cost effective when ordering direct from Hestaband.

Horse with Lymph Hestaband applied on shoulder
Hestaband Kinesiology Tape for Horses, Lymph drainiage tape
three rolls of cotton Hestaband, Kinesiology tape for horses
Hestaband Satin Rolls of Kinesiology Tape for Horses
Kinesiology tape application to the neck of a horse, winter coat, showing lifting of the tape, fascial release
Horse Hestaband Kinesiology tape application to neck.
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