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Meditation is hard!

Let's try and make it a little more fun and relaxing, as it should be. 

Follow our little step by step guide... and remember to breathe! 

  • Ok, grab your pet! It's hard to focus on yourself when you are beginning so your pet can keep you engaged.

  • Sit together comfortably, or lie down (this is perfect if you have a cuddly pet who loves to snuggle).

  • Turn your phone off!

  • Start by simply stroking your pet or holding a paw.

  • Close your eyes.

  • Take a few deep breaths.

  • Listen to your pet's breath. If you can't hear them, place your hand lightly on their belly and "feel" their breath.

  • Just be still and concentrate on your pet's breath for a few minutes.

  • You will start to relax.

  • If you notice your breathing changing to match your pets', let it (providing you didn't decide to do this with your dog who just came in from a run)!

  • Keep following the breathing and as that is now the last thing you have to concentrate on, start to focus on relaxing each part of your body.

  • Start with your feet. Feel how each part of your feet feel and relax each one, letting any pain or discomfort flow from them into the ground or into the surface on which you are lying.

  • Move slowly up your legs, doing the same thing at each part, calves, knees, thighs, buttocks and move like this all through your body until you are super relaxed and feel like everything is now so heavy and almost part of your surroundings.

  • As you continue to relax, breathe and absorb the gentleness of your pet and surroundings, let any distracting thoughts travel past, try not to focus on them but know, they will come and you can let them go.

  • Continue to enjoy the breath if it is difficult for you to move past this. There is no rush, there is only now and your practice will get better with just that... practice.

  • Set an intention, thank God/Mother Earth or whatever you believe in, just be thankful.

  • Continue for as long as you want and as you grow and follow other guided meditations or teachings, it will become easier to mature into longer periods, balance chakras, alignment, obtain healing and develop more spiritually, bringing you more peace.

  • When you feel like you wish to finish your session, thank each part of your body as you re-awaken each part, by breathing and focusing gently on it. Remember you are a miracle, every part of you is special and deserves love, yes, even the whole you! Embrace that thought, slowly bring yourself back awake, slowly sit up and open your eyes.

  • Namaste.

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